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Time to Think

Don’t you sometimes feel you are so deep in what you are doing that you don’t have time to think?

Being a contractor I sometimes get periods to myself where I am not working full time. I recently came off a stint of 18 months of back-to-back contracts. I didn’t have a day off sick and only took one day of holiday in all that time. Surprisingly, I wasn’t exhausted, but felt something was missing from my life. So during my current downtime I decided to renovate a property and catch-up on some learning. I finished the renovation, read some books, wrote some blogs, watched some TED talks.
What I didn’t understand, until today, was how important this time has been to me; the hurly burly of project life often seems to preclude self inspection and improvement. My unconscious goal was to pursue neglected areas to be able to look at challenges in a new way. So I thought I would put down some things I’ve learnt about myself over the past few weeks including which techniques made my learning m…