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Avoiding aesthetic design rework - or getting the right level of design input at the right time

Decision makers love images; they love mock-ups, functioning prototypes, user journey maps, nicely designed pages they can show their 'stakeholders'. The problem with this is that the customer often cannot see the value of work being done until it is presented in a more visually pleasing manner. After all, if you show a customer a page of JSON, they don’t actually understand how much work has been completed. One front end developer told me that he came into an organisation where a lot of work had already been done, yet after a week he joined the client was singing his praises. “Look how much work has been done since ‘Bob' joined, amazing.” The fact was the work was there, but it didn’t look great, so customer gratification was delayed and the developer was given the credit.

Unfortunately, this means that by the time customers can appreciate the work done, they often change their minds, getting drawn to the presentation rather than the substance. While this may be relevant f…