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Great leaders respond in adversity

How many times have I seen a product about to launch when someone comes along and says, "What about X?" or "Has that been approved by Y?" The result is a delay, more work, high emotions and often a scapegoat that takes the blame for missed deadlines.

When things go wrong management tends to respond in two ways:
They hide away and hope the monsters won't be there when they peep over the covers.They stand up in the full light of day and say, "Right, what do we do right now to make it better?"Depending on the culture of the organisation, those in the first category may believe it's best to work from home, not reply to email, keep your head down. Another response is to start the Machiavellian machinations as the "heads must roll" politics begin. Some managers even start looking for a new job as soon as the project starts to fail. 

All of these actions are based on self-preservation:

recrimination - passing the blame to someonedenial - allowing o…