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Deadlines - relics of the past or useful for motivation and scaling?

Something I heard the other day: "Deadlines are oppressive and we should never commit to them". That got me thinking about some of my experience and I instinctively didn't like the over-simplification of this statement.

We should always remember that things that worked for businesses in the past, but are frowned upon in the approach you are using, may still be valid for your business and team. I don't think it is healthy for us to think we now know everything, after all, rather like advice on what to eat, sometimes old things that we stopped doing turn out to be good for us.

Some of this may be against the current flow of thinking, but I think people should always question every hypothesis presented. Here I try to make the case for and against deadlines in the hope that people open their mind and continue to try new and old things.

The case against deadlines

Let's face it deadlines are not the flavour of the month, well century! Waterfall style development practi…